Analogue VS Digital Display Watches: The Comprehensive Guide

men's watchesAnalogue watch displays are better than digital display! I have heard and read about this argument more than I can remember on blogs and forums. I bet yourself may have at one time or the other ponder on which of the two is better and preferred than the other. Because of the many emails and comments we constantly receive on daily basis, we have decided to come out and publish this article and hopefully address the issue of which is better between analogue and digital display wrist watches.

Let’s start off ironing out this issue by stating out rightly that there is no best option between the two!  Yes…you read that right. Whether or not analogues are better than digital or vice versa depends solely upon the use and occasion currently at hand.

The point we are trying to put across is that it is the occasion that determines which is better between the two. So now that we have been able to establish the fact that none is better than the other lets now move a step further to learn when it is right to use one over the other and vice versa.

Analogue Wrist Watch Display – these types of display are known to be clean and very classy. They don’t have too much writing and designs on the main dial window which is a very big plus as it makes reading the current time of the watch very easy and effortless with just a single glance. The markers symbols range from numeric to Roman numerals.

Since this type of display is clean and classy, it is known to complement and blend well with corporate and formal attires. So occasions like offices, conferences and board meeting as well as job interviews are few among the many places that you can wear men’s watches with analogue displays to.

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Digital Display Wrist Watches – having done justice analogue displays, lets now have a look at the digital wrist watch and learn when is the right moment to put them into use. First and foremost, you should be aware that there are different types ranging from sport to pilot through to digital military watches. If you are looking for a watch to help keep track of your sporting and gym activities then the ones with the digital display are your best options.

Even if you are in the military or police force, we still think that the ones with digital display (or the models having both digital and analogue displays) are your best choices. You will notice that with this type of display, other cool features and functionalities like; stopwatch, countdown timer, alarm clock etc. usually get attached to it